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Ascot cap - J and P hats
Ascot cap - J and p Hats
Ascot Cap - J and P Hats
Ascot Cap J and P Hats

Ascot Cap - Wool Felt Folda Cap - men’s caps

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When it's cold outside, that's when you need to pull out some old friends. The Ascot cap that has been warming people for decades, with its rich colours  and cushioning softness will keep your head warm no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!
It has been said that the Ascot cap originated in 1812 when Lord Ascott wore a silk topmona of the same name. Others attribute its origin to Dr. John Pykes Lippincott, who invented it in 1950 while working for Dow Chemical Company (who still manufacture this version). What we can confirm is that today these hard caps are excellent head gear for men who follow the fashion trends 

shop now for these wool felt Folda Caps 

Ascot hat colours 

Olive ,Navy ,Grey ,Black ,Brown 

Ascot Hat Sizes 

55 cms ,56 cms,58 cms,59 cms,60 cms 

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