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Today's 5 best selling fashion items

Amazon is a great indication of what everyone s looking for with the ever changing fashion trends it is probably the best way to keep in touch with what the latest look is here at jandphats we will bring you a list of 5 best selling fashion items that can be found on amazon this list is updated daily so whatever the latest fashion trend is you can be straight on it keep checking this blog for updates

hot number 1 Best seller ladies chiffon flower printed wrap scarf 

Ladies scarf - j and p hats                                  

 Hot on its heels number 2 
Calvin Klein Men's 3P Trunk, Pack of 3

                                        Calvin Klein boxers - j and p hats

Number 3 Fruit of the Loom Kids / Childrens Plain T Shirt, T-shirt, Tee Shirt 

                          Fruit of the loom t shirts                                         

Number 4  Women Tartan Scarf - Winter Long Scarves Plaid Warm Wraps 

                                  Womans tartan scarf     

Number 5 .   Funny I am gaming novelty socks  

           Gaming novelty socks - j and p hats


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