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Resistance Training - 8 Easy Mistakes You Can Make

Resistance Training Do Not Make These 8 Mistakes

Resistance training is so powerful for weight loss that anyone who wants to lose weight will need to make it a part of their training regimen. There’s no two ways about it.
You need resistance training to retain lean muscle, boost your metabolic rate, tone your body, strengthen your bones and so much more. However, it’s a common fact of life that anything that should be done well will usually be done poorly by the masses.
In this article, we’ll look at 8 of the most common resistance training mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight.

1. Not doing any
This is probably the biggest mistake of the lot. They operate on the false belief that cardio is the be all and end all of weight loss. They’ll probably be flummoxed when they discover that full-body workouts with weights can burn more fat than the mind-numbing cardio that they hold in reverence.
But you know better. Resistance training is an excellent way to put your body in calorie burning fury while you tone your muscles.

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2. Slow pace
When you’re engaging in resistance training for weight loss, your reps need to be as fast as possible while maintaining good form. The speed and number of reps you do will make the workout take on a cardio-like nature.
So, you’ll experience the benefits of both resistance training and cardio. This is how you get your metabolism firing on all cylinders.
Unlike bodybuilding, where you’re trying to make the mind-muscle connection and you’re focused on activating the muscles for growth, when trying to lose weight, all of this goes out the window. You want speed and minimal rest between exercises.

3. Incorrect form
Speed while essential, is not as important as correct form. You must train with proper form. NEVER sacrifice form for speed. You may end up injuring yourself which might put you out of commission for a month or two. Train safely and properly.

4. Too much weight
Another common mistake. You want to use weights that allow you to do 10 to 12 reps in 45 seconds. If you’re winded by the time you reach 4 reps, the weight is too heavy. Reduce the poundage.

5. Too little weight
On the flip side of the coin, resistance training for fat loss shouldn’t be like those aerobic workouts where ladies in blue leotards do hundreds of reps with light pink dumbbells as they hop around like excited bunnies.
The weight has to be much heavier than thatand as mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t be able to do 25 reps in 45 seconds. Only about 10 to 12 (14 max). You must challenge yourself.

6. Not resting enough
Get sufficient rest. If your body is sore, take the day off. Don’t worry. As long as your diet is on point and you’re on a caloric deficit, you’ll still lose weight. Listen to your body, or you’ll be so tired that your body hits a plateau and refuses to burn off any more fat regardless of what you do.

7. Not structuring their workout well
Structure your workout routine so that the different exercises you’re doing works your entire body.

8. Too much idle time
When you’re in the gym, you train. It’s not the time to flex and pose in front of the mirror or think of a hundred different lines to use on lady running on the treadmill… and you definitely should not be scrolling through social media on your smart phone.
Train hard… and after that, you can add that lady as a Facebook friend. After - NOT before.
Adhere to these 8 tips and get the best out of your resistance training. It is key to successful weight loss and giving you the body that you’ve always desired.

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