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How To Wear A Beret

The Beret Is Still To This Day One Of The Most Popular Pieces Of Headwear Around The Beret Is So Versatile It Can Be Worn By Both Men And Woman 

The Beret Can Be Traced Right Back To The Bronze Age Where Berets Where Worn Amongst The Nobility and Artists Across Europe 


your beret should fit just above your ears it should fit snugly to stay on and keep the cold air out you do not want it to tight it leaves a mark on your forehead 

in truth there is no real rule of how to wear your beret in America it is normally pushed to one side and in some countries there local custom determines how they wear there beret

So as long as your beret is fitting snugly you can push it either to the left or right 

the only other difference is men who normally wear a beret sometimes wear it squared on the head  jutting slightly forward this way of wearing a beret is normally popular with the older generation 

The beret is one of the most versatile hats around and can be worn as a fashion statement or as part of a uniform for the military or police 

in many parts of the world one thing for sure is that your beret will give you years of service and as proved a beret will never go out of fashion 

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