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How to wash a baseball cap

we all have our favourite baseball cap yes boxes and boxes full but you always turn to your favourite one your lucky cap 

well this lucky cap has been everywhere with you while it could tell many a story it's just looking a bit worse for wear 

your cap needs a wash but how do you wash a baseball cap ? 

RBelieve it or not you can wash your baseball cap in the dishwasher yes you read it right the dishwasher 

all this is possable by the baseball cap washer 

                                    Baseball cap washer

or hat frame as it's usually called 

here's how to get your favourite cap coming up fresh and clean 

Check the material on your hat's tag before washing it. ...
Use a hat frame if you're worried about your hat losing its shape. ...
Put the hat on the top rack of your dishwasher. ...
Don't wash hats with your regular dishes. ...
Fill the detergent compartment with 1 tbsp (27 g) of non-bleach cleaner.

set your dishwasher to a cold setting, and run it through about a half cycle by itself. Remove the hat about halfway through the cycle and let it air dry.

these cap frames are a great way of preventing your cap from been squashed 

remember to do this with a empty dishwasher.  check how easy it is to wash your baseball cap in a dishwasher on you tube this link shows you how On you tube 

                                        Baseball cap washer

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