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2023 Festival CheckList | Essential Items For Your Festival

What's a festival without the essentials

What are you waiting for? The festivals are coming up! Whether it be Glastonbury, Reading or any one of Britain's many great outdoor music events here is a list to help keep your party going.

This year there will no doubt be tents everywhere and lots of alcohol so make sure not to forget these 15 things that could come in handy at your next festival 

Here’s your Festival Check List  

 That's right, the biggest queues at festivals are usually for toilets and charging trailers. With this in mind though there is a way to get through them faster than ever! The first two items on our list should help with both of these issues- so you can spend less time waiting around or getting stuck behind someone else who has decided not to use common sense when it comes down to their personal hygiene habits...
The key here is don't forget your ticket/pass which will allow entry into any event where they're available as well as allow passage through security checks without having anything extra checked besides what
Our First 2 Items On Your Festival Checklist Will Help You With This 

Number 1 Is a power bank 

       Best power bank for festivals - j and p hats

Powerbanks are a great way to ensure that you always have power when on the go. With fast charge technology and high capacity, these portable chargers will keep your smartphone or other USB-powered device running smoothly all day long!

Cheap Powerbanks Available On Amazon today 

Get Your Festival Power bank on amazon today they have a great range of inexpensive ones including solar-powered charged  power banks which are ideal for festival 

view festival power banks here

             Solar power charged power banks - j and p hats



 How To Avoid Toilet Queuing At A Festival 

Have you ever peed in a bottle and thought, "This is not very enjoyable"? Well good news! A new pee funnel has been invented that allows for hygienic urination. 

                    Avoid Festival Toilets - j and p hats

Get Your Festival Wee Funnel On Amazon Today 

The wee funnel is a creative and fun way to go about peeing. It has been proven by doctors as the most effective method for hygienic use, allowing you great comfort in your everyday activities with no mess or smell left behind!

get your wee funnel here on amazon    Festival wee funnel - j and p hats

Festival Wipes -  Stay Clean At Your Next Festival 

Avoid Festival Mud - j and p hats

These are a Festival must- These wet wipes are a must-have for any festival You can use them to freshen up and even take showers without having to worry about reusing washcloths or towels! And No Need To Use Festival Showers

         Festival wipes - j and p hats

Top Festival Tip

Save money by buying Your Festival Wipes  in bulk, which also helps you share with your friends when they get tired of carrying around their own set of clean linen - so everyone arrives feeling refreshed after a Day Partying outside

Get Your festival wipes here on amazon today 

How to keep your items dry at a festival

Dry Sacks Are The Ideal Festival Essential These Handy Bags will keep your clothing and the dry sacks for phones will keep your treasured phone completely dry 

Dry sacks - j and p hats


These waterproof bags are a must for your next festival. They're compact and lightweight, so you can bring them anywhere! Plus they take up no room in your backpack or bag—even when packed to the brim with clothes and other essentials like water bottles. If it's not sunny during this year’s summer event then don't worry because these sacks will keep everything dry anyway thanks to their durable material that blocks out bad weather patterns before they happen

If Your Lucky Enough to have a sunny festival these dry sacks are still a great festival essential as they will protect your clothing and phones from dusty conditions to 

get Your cheap dry sacks here on amazon 

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark At Your Next Festival 

Festival guide | j and p hats

No streetlights and thousands of tents and especially if you are already swaying slightly from too much drinking earlier today! 

But now thanks o this little handy Torch-sized device which fits perfectly into one hand (or even better yet both), no matter where we go will always have illumination at our fingertips whether it is needed during dark hours

the ideal torch will 

fits easily into your pocket  

but bright enough to brighten your path up back to your tent 

Best festival torches - j and p hats

the ideal torch will  

fits easily into  your pocket    
but bright enough to brighten your path up back to your tent 

get your compact festival torch here on amazon 

How To Open A Beer Bottle At A Festival 

Festival beer - j and p hats

How To Open A Beer Bottle At A Festival 

This great festival multi-tool will not only open your beer bottle 

it has all of the other tools that you need for a great festival experience. the

 saw, scissors, and screwdriver Can get you through some tough problems and this festival multi-tool is small enough to fit on your keyring so there are no worries about taking up space in storage or carrying extra weights with ya! 

get your festival multi tool here on amazon today 

Festival multi tool | j and p hats

How To Keep Your Glasses Safe At A Festival 

Festival sunglasses | j and p hats

With A Simple  sunglass strap 

we all have our favorite sunglasses

we have picked to take to the festival

and we all want to look cool The festival is a great opportunity to show off your new styles But Keep Your Favourite Festival Sunglasses Safe With These Handy Sunglass straps

these are probably the least expensive items you will buy for your festival trip but your favorite festival glasses could cost a few hundred pounds it would be a festival disaster to lose them

get your super cool sunglass straps on amazon today  

Straps for sunglasses | j and p hats


Keep sun Protected at your next festival

Best festival tips - j and p hats

Yes, the sun does shine at festivals! It's not all mud and rain so get prepared in advance. And take some All Day Sun Cream to ensure you're looking fresh through your entire day of celebration - even if it rains or storms throughout that time too!. You'll be amazed by how much better off we are with this simple little innovation like putting on sunscreen before heading out to see your favorite band  All Day sun cream will make sure you can stay out all day fully protected from the sun's harmful rays 

get your all day sun cream on amazon today 

All day screen screen - j and p hats

How To Find Your Tent At A Festival 

Festival flags - j and p hats

Think of your Festival flag as a house name. You've had a great day drinking and watching bands, it's time to head back home--but how do you find yours? One way is by erecting the 'funkiest possible pole in its footprint! 

festival flags are the perfect way to advertise your presence in an area. You can think of them as house names for tents, and they make it easy to find you when someone finds themselves lost or need directions during the festival period 

Festival flags - j and p hats

                                      15 Things You Need To Take To Your Summer Festival

Get A Great Range Of Festival flags and flag poles on amazon today 

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep At A Festival

Festival ear plugs - j and p hats

You want to sleep but the party around you doesn't. With so many people and music, it's hard to find a quiet moment! A great idea is taking some earplugs with you when going out at festivals or other large events where there will be lots of noise pollution from others nearby who also seem determined not to let their revelry die down easily either because they're enjoying themselves as much (or more) than anyone else does right now


                                       ear plugs - j and p hats

get your festival ear plugs here on amazon 

How to keep your phone dry at your next festival 

The best way to ruin a great festival weekend away is by getting your phone damaged. This waterproof phone case will keep it safe and sound, so you can take pictures of all the fun things that happened at that summer festival The simple design means that no extra straps or clips are holding onto anything--just a simple plastic shell with an elastic neck loop which hangs around your wrist when not in use!

get your waterproof phone case on amazon uk

Phone waterproof pouch - j and p hats

Best shower and washing tips at your next festival 

Festival towels - j and p hats

with most of your space taken up with the important things like drinks, a bulky towel could take up valuable space The micro towel is a great way to save space! It's small and lightweight, so you can carry it with ease. Plus the absorbent qualities make sure that your keys stay clean even when they're dry-which means more time for exploring instead of cleaning up after spills or dirt stains from outside activities such as gardening

The keyring style makes this product ideal if convenience matters most - all we need now are some storage containers of similar design

 Get your micro towels on Amazon today 

sometime through the weekend you will take a dip in engery levels muddy or dusty not much sleep will catch up on you 

Festival shampoo - j and p hats

what better way to pick your self up with a hair wash no water ! Not a problem dry shampoo is the answer to your festival hair wash This stuff is the bomb!

since it's water-less there will be no residue left behind on top of any other products that might have been applied earlier like lotion or moisturizer - which means less chances of making matters worse by causing irritation

get your dry shampoo here on amazon 

The Best Cutlery To Take To A Festival 

Festival  cutlery- j and p hats


I know you're not going to a dinner party but this space-saving tool will give you all you need to eat even if it's just to eat a pot noodle it has a hand spork 

also if you just use it for the bottle opener it's worth the small investment to take on your festival trip 


get your festival spork here on amazon 

Best Rain Macs For A Festival 

Festival rain macs - j and p hats

Out for 3 or more days in England somewhere you are bound to get some rain so just in case it might be wise to pack an inexpensive rain Mac Ideally A PAC Away Mac would be ideal enabling you to carry it in your pocket while your out for the day view an inexpensive rain, Mac, here on amazon today these macs are cheap enough to leave behind if you get them ruined

get your festival rain macs here at amazon uk 

Festival rain macs - j and p hats

Best Festival Trolly - Where To Buy 

Festival essentials - j and p hats

Festival-going is not always an easy task. You have to make sure you are prepared for any situation that may arise while at the festival, but there's one thing more important than anything else: your car! With all of these other things in mind--food storage containers or tents depending on how long they will be staying; blankets if it gets cold outside during nighttime hours (and who doesn't love snuggling up under something warm?) When your parked miles away from the campsite and have enough equipment to climb Everest a strong lightweight trolley is a must you need it strong enough to take the weight of all that festival equipment but needs it to be easily pushed or pulled through the mud one of the some of the

best festival trolleys can be found on amazon view the range here 

15 Things You Need To Take To Your Summer Festival  15 Things You Need To Take To Your Summer Festival  Festival trolleysFestival trolleys

Tips For Leaving A Festival 

At the end of the festival, this is the time to take care and attention to all your gear. Make sure you're not only taking home what's necessary but if certain items don't fit into this category then give them some respect by disposing of them properly- just like how we would want it done after attending an event ourselves! Remember what you leave behind somebody will have to pick it up 

Free Festival Check List 

With festival season just around the corner, we hope our guide will give you some helpful tips on how to have fun and stay safe. Remember to download our free festival checklist so you can be sure not to forget anything important! And most importantly, stay safe and have a great time.

 Festival essentials - j and p hats


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