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Can You Machine Wash A Tilley Hat

the Tilley hat is a very endurable hat it will take a lot of folding or crushing in a case or rucksack a quick shake of the hat and it will soon be back in shape 

after time you might feel like you Tilley hat could do with a spruce up not a problem 

as Tilley hats are Machine washable if you follow these instructions you will get many more years out of wearing your Tilley hat 

Machine-wash your Tilley Hat, delicate cycle preferred, separately, using warm or cool water. Or simply wash it by hand, gently using a scrub brush with any soap that DOES NOT contain bleach or any type of whiteners. Step 3: While the Hat is damp, smooth and re-shape by hand, then set it out to air-dry. 

This gives the Tilley hat the advantage of other hat s and the icing on the cake is that alll tilley hats come with a lifetime guarantee 


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